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Three Steps to Improved Performance

Performance always depends on a limited number of variables.
The first step is to identify these variables and to map their interrelations.
The result is a that displays what influences a given performance and how those influences are interconnected.

Now you see it!
Because you can see it as opposed to only talk about it, the map is a powerful tool to develop shared understanding and to get buy-in of people.

The shared understanding that has been developed in step one provides the basis for a comprehensive analysis of performance opportunities and gaps.

Generic questionnaires that contain the essence of numerous improvement
projects and easily can be customized guide the analysis and facilitate a
prioritized list of improvement opportunities.

Now you understand it!
The specifics of your situation are clear and realistic doable improvement
opportunities are identified and agreed on. Key Performance Indicators to track improvements are defined.

A detailed action plan that also comprises professional change
management guides the improvement projects. It always includes an
appropriate management system ensuring sustainable and continuous improvement.

Now you manage it!
With us you don’t start one time improvement projects. When we leave you have all the necessary tools at hand to continue your improvement journey and to ensure robust performance delivery.



  • At this year’s ISPI conference Klaus Wittkuhn was awarded the

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New Projects

  • Germany :
    - Retailer: International Roll-out of sales management system
    - Energy provider: Support HR to transit to Business Partner Approach

  • USA
    International retailer: Design of development plans for internal consulting department and all internal consultants

  • Canada
    Energy provider: Implementation of Performance Management System together with PDL

  • Nicaragua
    Association in health care sector: Organization assessment

  • USA
    Logistics: Design of Value Chain and Core Processes, Growth Scenarios, Roadmap for organization development